Ignite Your Spark

Diventa un Planeswalker! Il MEGLIO di Ignite Your Spark!

Questo giro la Wizards of the Coast si è veramente sbizzarrita e da la possibilità a chiunque
MA PROPRIO CHIUNQUE 😐 di diventare un Planeswalker!!

Come? Partecipando a Ignite Your Spark!

E visto che siamo degli esperti di Magic the Gathering e non ci fidiamo delle scelte che farà la Wizards… intanto scegliamo noi quelli che sono senza ombra di dubbio i migliori!

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Ajani Goldmane

William T.William T.

actuly iz dolan

Akco A.Akco A.

“These planes were ment for walking.” “Ask not if you can win but if you opponent is paying enough attention for you to cheat a draw out of them.” “A man bears the love of the world in his heart.”

Chandra Nalaar

Nicole S.Nicole S.

Nicole is a powerful brick-laying mage. She makes the magiclal houses that all the other mages live in. She loves brick laying, but beware! If disturbed, she will throw magical fire bricks at you!

Elspeth Tirel

Christian A.Christian A.

Do not mistake softness for weakness. I can be of more service than you think.

Garruk Wildspeaker

Michael S.Michael S.

irushi of the western plains

Jace Beleren

Alex A.Alex A.



Mick W.Mick W.

Supreme Cat uses it’s power of Hypnotisum … just like Hypno-Toad… Nothing can with stand the pericing stare from it Evil eyes. It’s furry like look has fooled many a foe to their death !


Jason G.Jason G.

Description here


Tyler W.Tyler W.

A chef wanting more, walking the planes, finding, tasting, and cooking everything he could find till there was nothing left but taboo. Dont’t worry his smile is bigger than his appetite. 🙂

Trog L.Trog L.

HI!! I’m TraIneD in all tHrEe schOOls of maGIc! alSo, i eXCersiZe mY rIgHT to bEAr aRms. (gEt it? BeAr! lolzzz)


Chase M.Chase M.

Some may take him as a joke but he is feared by many who has seen the power he holds.

A noi sembrano tutti meritevoli!! Non sapremmo proprio chi scegliere?!? Voi chi preferite?

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